since youve been gone new romantique

Cœur de pirate C'Était Salement Romantique歌词

08/08 18:06
Tu es plus facile à faire qu'à comprendre et tombée, je n'ai pas pu te prendre Partie trop loin de toi, j'ai voulu te manquer à tes yeux feindre d'exister Et au sud de mes peines, j'ai volé loin de toi pour couvrir mon cœur d'une cire plus noire Que

New Romantique‎ Shy Like An Angel (Long Version)歌词

07/10 18:11
Where I go? Where to live? When you gone away... Sorry I... Feel like crying You wouldn't stay with me... And every time and place Caught up memories in life... Lovely lazy days This feeling is long gone bye... Shy like an angel You're shy like an an

Lene Marlin Maybe I'll Go歌词

03/29 23:26
Maybe I'll Go By Lene Marlin You think youve made it everythings going so fine But then appears someone who wanna Tear you down Wanna rip you off those few nice things youve found When and if you hit the ground. Then its falling kinda hard Cause all

Britt Nicole All This Time歌词

11/14 05:30
Britt Nicole-All This Time I remember the moment I remember the pain I was only a girl But I grew up that day Tears were falling I know You saw me Hiding there in my bedroom So alone I was doing my best Trying to be strong No one to turn to That's wh

Jena Lee US Boy歌词

09/09 08:02
Une situation "bal du lycée" Le quarterback m'emmènerait danser et la reine nous ferait (chut... hein) Décor à la Desperate Housewives, s'il te plaît Je vivrais là-bas juste pour l'engager comme jardinier Ce sont des bads boys de LOST, Sawyer L

O-Town Liquid Dreams歌词

03/14 21:41
posters of love surrounding me, lost in the world of fantasy every night she comes to me and gives me all the love i need. now this hot girl, shes not your average girl shes a morpharotic dream from a magazine and shes so fine designed to blow your m

Gloria Estefan Volverás [You'll Be Back]歌词

11/04 04:43
No pens que fueras a dejarme Dices que te has vuelto a enamorar Que no sientes ya el amor de antes Quieres que te de libertad No te detendr por un instante No le temo a la soledad Pero s que al fin te vas a arrepentir Y tendrs que regresar En tu alma

Celine Dion Us歌词

09/30 04:06
i want to know why youre letting this die without the blink of an eye you say that you need time i say youll be fine if you would only see like you did before you became imprisoned can i reopen the door like we did before we became imprisoned you say

Joni Mitchell Blue歌词

09/21 15:22
Blue lyrics Blue, songs are like tattoos You know Ive been to sea before Crown and anchor me Or let me sail away Hey blue, here is a song for you Ink on a pin Underneath the skin An empty space to fill in Well therere so many sinking now Youve got to

M2M Everything You Do歌词

07/07 02:19
欢迎您 artist: m2m album: shades of purple title: everything you do from the moment you looked at me and ever since you called my name youve been everything that ive seen and know im caught up in this game my mind is spinning round and around theres som

大貫妙子 雨の夜明け歌词

08/02 02:14
窓を濡らす 雨の夜明け 这下雨的黎明淋湿了窗户 青いベッドに腰かけて 坐在蓝色的床上 愛の手紙 火を点して 用火点燃一封封书信 思い出だけ 灰にする 仅仅只是想把回忆烧尽 暗い瞳に 在暗淡的眼眸中 鮮やかに いつまでも 无论何时 愛が生きている 鲜活的爱意都持续着 短すぎる 夏はどこへ 太过短暂的夏天去了哪里 色の消えた 街角に 在昏暗的街角 花を並べ売る男と 有把花插好贩卖的男子 足を止めて買う女 以及止步购买的女子 冷えた舗道で 在冰冷的小路 待つ人がない 今も 哪怕没有等待的人 愛が生きて

Frank Sinatra Luck Be A Lady歌词

07/14 05:14
They call you lady luck But there is room for doubt At times you have a very un-lady-like way Of running out Your on this date with me The pickins have been lush And yet before the evening is over You might give me the brush You might forget your man

ABBA The Winner Takes It All歌词

02/18 16:39
i dont wanna talk about the things weve gone through though its hurting me now its history ive played all my cards and thats what youve done too nothing more to say no more ace to play the winner takes it all the loser standing small beside the victo

Rod Stewart I Don't Want to Talk About It歌词

06/04 14:56
I can tell by your eyes that youve probbly been cryin forever, And the stars in the sky don't mean nothin to you, they're a mirror. I don't want to talk about it, how you broke my heart. If I stay here just a little bit longer, If I stay here, wont y

E-Type Campione 2000歌词

07/30 20:16
Its time to get together Were a dreamteam Full steam all the way across the land We got ourselves a landslide Coming up the gathering is here And the reckoning is here Take a stand There can be only one There can be only one Well, there can be only o

Timbaland The One I Love 歌词

05/05 16:32
Timbaland The One I Love (featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.) Girl gimme dat mmm ah Cmon girl get down Girl gimme dat mmm ah D.O.E. got you baby Girl I hear you talkin that How you got things in control Come and sit across my lap There some things you ne

*NSYNC Selfish歌词

08/20 06:52
I just dont understand Why youre running from a good man baby Why you wanna turn your back on love Why youve already given up See I know youve been hurt before But I swear Ill give you so much more I swear Ill never let you down Cause I swear its you

Glee Cast Because You Loved Me歌词

02/15 10:16
Because You Loved Me CéLine Dion For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love I found in y

Soundtrack Broken歌词

08/17 22:00
Uh uh Oh oh Uh uh Oh oh Yours was the perfect love I swear it was Until i had your love, my world was cold I did what most men do, and i messed it up But when i got you back, my world was whole The player thing i let it go (yeah) Thought our life was

Babyface I Care About You歌词

04/19 13:57
sometimes i feel so alone baby i call your heart but theres no one at home takin a toll on my pride im reachin no one inside you know it doesnt feel right when i look in your eyes i know love is blind but the heart doesnt lie ill ask on more time may