joyside siliy girl歌词

Joyside Silly Girl歌词

09/16 08:23
silly girl, you're left behind you can not see, i am no kind silly girl, you are so blind you just dont know, you 've lost your mind silly girl, you wander on the wrong way silly girl, dont step in that swirl silly girl, oh you silly girl silly girl,

Joyside Sunday Morning歌词

06/02 19:14
Sunday morning's in my room My body's on bed and candy's in my mouth Sunday morning's just for my dear and my dear is lazy The sunshine's in my rotten hair I'm listening to the radio here Sunday morning's in a dream The dream that i never wanna stop

Joyside Maybe tonight歌词

06/26 22:01
there was a tongue-shy boy, who talked to the kingdom of heaven when his god heard the voice, he made boy's heart a diamond and he said:"pain will come twice, when i double your joy. finally, you will be one on that boat, and sail away from sorrow.&q

Joyside All Night 歌词

05/13 23:25
all right, she bloomed in my eyes she spun on the floor and danced all night all night, i floated in her eyes fell into her tales, it led me to nowhere all right, when she turned off the light she's a lonely soul she's an invader oh why, and how coul

Joyside Music Sucks歌词

02/18 13:18
music sucks joyside well,it's time to stop waiting i'll get my fun on the stage what have you got,what do you still want what phucing shit's in your mind now turn it up,louder and louder i know you can't phucing hear it it is my turn to kick you awak

Joyside Good night歌词

12/01 20:07
good night, my wounded lover, good bye good night, child in abyss, good bye tonight is the last night, our hearts unite we'll meet again, in the realms of bliss, in the realms of light good night, my cruel brother, good bye good night, child in chaos

Joyside Eat me歌词

11/09 01:51
Eat Me Hey, Now Come Here And Watch Me Falling, Wish You Could Enjoy It But Tell Me How Could I Trust You, You'd Never Ever Heard My Crying All The Heroes Are Gone, But I Still Wait At The Doorway, Wondering Maybe I Am Kidding, But i'm Not Dying I Li

Joyside Out of Time 歌词

11/03 10:48
You don't know what's going on You've been away for far too long You can't come back and think you are still mine You're out of touch, my baby My poor discarded baby I said, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time Well, baby, baby, baby, you're out of t

Joyside Dong Dong Dong 歌词

05/05 08:11
dong dong dong joyside (边远) baby you can't break my heart anymore baby you're gonna lose my arms that gave you warmth the night is burning my sight is quenching i gave you real love but you want more baby you won't see my tears anymore baby i won't f

Joyside Your City is a Desert to Me歌词

09/03 04:02
Your City is a Desert to Me your city is a desert to me glass towers prick the sky stars are crying rude highways slit the land flowers are dying your city is a desert to me your city is a desert to me no lights show a hope to warm a dark ghost no ro

Joyside Fire 歌词

07/24 04:54
fire, it wont burn my heart is studded with dirt fire, it wont burn i am so weeny, too wispy to be heard fire, when will it burn my heart is exploding with dirt fire, it wont burn i am so dim, never to be heard when will the bolide come and carry me

Joyside Nothing To Do歌词

10/19 03:41
<<nOThIng To dO(闲的慌)>> - jOySiDe - <DruNK iS bEAutIFfuL> by:人倒馍散 wake up at noon,the same stinky sunshine(起来晚了,我操-) walking,sitting,staring and walking again(干啥都JB没意思) i'm lying in my bed,thinking about my future(我躺在我的臭床上胡思乱想) i got no i

Joyside I Want Beer歌词

08/13 14:44
<<I WaNT bEer>> - jOySiDe DruNK iS bEAutIFfuL by:人倒馍散 one two 打嗝~ what a dirty goddamn world too much shit i can not stand everybody's a nightmare my sweet home's just a hell i want beer,i want beer,i want beer, i want beer.i want beer,i want

Joyside (I Am)Lazy &amp; Wasting歌词

12/15 22:48
oh baby i got nothing for you and i don't mind your crying i spend my joy with my beer so don't call me in the evening i'm lazy and wasting i'm lazy and wasting i'm lazy and fucking wasting i got no sweet words for you and i never say sorry don't you

Joyside I Don&#039;t Wanna Be Me歌词

08/14 11:17
pretty ,you know you're so pretty but when you stand in your mirror i know it's not me fear, you got lots of fear but when you hide in your fear you know i don't care i don't really wanna be me don't wanna think of your society i don't really wanna b

Joyside Too Fast To Love 歌词

11/21 15:59
too fast to love joyside (边远) she fell from the sky with meteoric eyes she's the queen of night a passionate kiss on my hopeless lips oh miss siren she starts to sing and take my heart away she fevers my mind but stones my tongue i dont need wine to

Joyside He is dead (Lament)歌词

08/14 09:12
he is dead, he is dead he died on another new stranger's bed the boy is dead, the boy is dead he's still young & pretty but it's time to rest i heard him crying, with choking sighs he was so sad when i saw him last night he lusted for life, tried to

Joyside The Last Song For The Endless Party歌词

04/18 03:49
this is the last song for the endless party this is a valediction to this over-loved city now it's time to leave, do you dare to go this is the last kiss for our endless love and it remains in our deathless blood let the hearts sleep, some day they w

Joyside Baby In Shadow 歌词

04/07 13:49
baby in shadow ---joyside sweet baby carves me with her razor lips she buries my barque with the billows of her skin she said follow me babe, i'll show you a kingdom there she said love me babe, yes no one will care and she she is a baby in shadow sh

Joyside Run!歌词

03/14 16:43
[ti:Run!] [ar:JoySide] [al:joyside] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.84]Run wake up baby run the day has come [00:05.59] [00:06.15]Run dress up pretty run just have fun [00:11.40] [00:12.08]Run don't look back run the world's done [00:17.04] [00:17.60]Run lik