we exchanged words azure ray

Azure Ray We Exchanged Words歌词

05/11 00:22
We exchanged words Through smoke-filled mouths And then we found our bodies Speaking loud And our hearts pressed against the flesh Trading stories of love's pain Doubt and rivaling insecurities When did we learn to speak without words And in tongues?

Azure Ray Safe And Sound歌词

08/30 17:14
With every word I live again Through the eyes of another We'll meet at night wet from the rain And surprise each other With how we take away the pain Could you be the one To find me safe and sound Love is how it's lost not how it's found I don't know

Azure Ray Don’t Leave My Mind歌词

05/27 11:08
We can make plans I'll give all I can You were my man On the gulf coast sand You can go to New Orleans Take the riverfront line But don't leave my mind And you can go where each day takes you Some place I can't find But don't leave my mind We can bre

Azure Ray November歌词

12/21 16:58
<Novwmber> --Azure Ray So i'm waiting for this test to end 就这样我期待着结束这次考验 So these lighter days can soon begin 以便轻松的日子能尽快开始 I'll be alone by maybe more carefree 我会孤独但也许更无忧无虑 Like a kite that floats so effortlessly 就像自在飘浮的风筝 I was afraid to be alone 我

Azure Ray Across The Ocean歌词

06/23 12:54
Now I've travelled across the ocean With the same shoes just longer hair I still carry that picture in my wallet From the photo booth, yeah it's still there Just give me some kind of sign Is this the right place or the right time? Is this the right t

Azure Ray A Thousand Years歌词

11/20 04:15
I'm saving all I'm not giving But it's overflowing Evaporating in the air As I'm walking I know I'm not breathing I'm not breathing only air 'Cause it's filled with words Once spoken by people everywhere And I can hear all the whispers That have live

Azure Ray Look To Me歌词

06/14 21:37
Lay your head in my lap Let the sound of my laugh Comfort you now here in the cold Your face gets wet As the drink slips from my hand The faster I drive, the harder I cry Don't worry, I'll get us there And I look down at you You look up at me We're a

Azure Ray Raining In Athens歌词

04/19 15:33
Still, I think of you, baby And how I grew old with you then And this summer, you'll call-maybe And act as if we were old friends You'd say, "How are you, baby" I'd say, "It's raining in Athens, It's raining in Athens" And to this day,

Azure Ray If You Fall歌词

08/29 07:12
Let's talk And we'll fill the air With imagery that last forever So this is love Yeah, that's a lovely thought You have to care for it To keep it together And if you fall Will you get up? You're stuck in a dream Will you wake up? And if you fell in l

Azure Ray Don't Make A Sound歌词

11/02 05:46
You could go anywhere anytime and find someone But how will you know if he is kind The sun is out, but happiness Only reminds you of the people you hurt Mistakes that you made when you were down # And where are you now You're sweeping up these sorry

Azure Ray Sleep歌词

08/09 23:39
Fill these spaces up with days In my room, you can go, you can stay I can't sleep I can't speak to you I can't sleep Now these years locked in my drawer I'll open to see just to be sure But I can't sleep I can't speak to you I can't sleep # And so I'

Azure Ray Shouldn’t Have Loved歌词

09/27 09:22
Young girl by your side She asks no questions, so you don't lie How effortless it can be She feels lucky And you are free # I shouldn't have loved I shouldn't have loved you that way I shouldn't love I shouldn't love you still I shouldn't have loved

Azure Ray Dragonfly歌词

02/18 07:57
Immovable tower come crashing down An uncertain hour in this little town Will you step to the edge Move on in the dark Let a new man have your old heart You could spend your whole life putting blocks back in place With each trebling hand covering up

Azure Ray The Heart Has Its Reasons歌词

03/26 07:20
While you were searching for your gods I was walking trough the dark Trying to find a way To make you stay With me But I am no match for your gods They have something that I have not The promise of perfect love That I can't meet I loved you more I kn

Azure Ray Home歌词

03/25 16:59
Just an hour and we'll be home With my family that I chose You're my family And on the pavement still gripping the phone You came and wrapped your arms around my soul And we were shaking You're so much a part of me And so this is why I'm here And whe

Azure Ray Rest Your Eyes歌词

09/19 20:25
You said to write you a song So here, this is for you Now as you toss through those lonely nights Just know there is someone thinking of you Everyone is waiting for the timing to be right And we hope it's coming soon So just rest your eyes and then..

Azure Ray Walking In Circles歌词

06/02 00:55
Sinking eyes, heavy spirit Your drifting mind We lament with the passing of time Hoping we never show it Swallow these words from your mouth I thought I was strong Until my strength wore out I was chasing this shadow as if I didn't create it It was l

Azure Ray Seven Days歌词

02/06 00:23
Seven days below us Keep me hovered above the ground And nights just blend into the morning Definition is the first to go down * If I were to stay here between us I might forget where I'm bound So I can't stay in between us I guess I'll walk away * A

Azure Ray Fever歌词

01/19 13:57
Fever, I know you've come to take my love Go away, go away, go away Fever, I know your face just like a dove Fly away, fly away, fly away Fever, turn the lights out Take a different road Let us be Fever, I know you've come to take my love Go away, go

Azure Ray Hold On Love歌词

08/11 16:31
Hold on love Even when I cry all night Even when I say I don't love you Just hold on love So my head gets a little cloudy And the drink goes straight to my heart Then the words come like a runaway Train in the dark Just hold on love Even when I screa