Oh angel sent from up adove什么意思

Arash Broken Angel歌词

04/26 12:08
Broken Angel By Yoshiki San I'm so lonely, broken angel I'm so lonely, listen to my heart 伊朗文... I'm so lonely, broken angel I'm so lonely, listen to my heart One n' only, broken angel Come n' save me, before I fall apart 伊朗文... I'm so lonely, broken

Kate Voegele Angel歌词

05/29 10:36
Kate Voegele - Angel I've said it once and I'll say it again I've got something hanging over my head I was laying on your shoulder Perfectly content Until you told me all over again I ain't got no sob story to write But just like everyone else I'm li

Celine Dion I'm Your Angel歌词

05/24 07:01
I'm your angel R Kelly Celine Dion no mountain's too high for you to climb 再高的山峰也无法阻止你的攀登 all you have to do is have some climbing faith,oh yeah 你所需要的只是攀登的信念 no rivers too wide for you to make it cross 再宽的河流你也能从容涉过 all you have to do is believe it wh

许哲佩 Angel Man歌词

06/23 10:10
许哲佩 - angel man 词曲:许哲佩 我在月光游泳池畔唱歌 唱了一首关于爱的歌 你在台下微微笑的听着 故事很动人 下雨了 淋湿了我的歌 寒冷中的咖啡特别香醇 情人节的花特别红润 dulu~~ 星星点缀莫名其妙的浪漫 我觉得傻傻得可爱 傻得变成一个家 你就是我的angel man 带我飞跃爱的乐园 我荡秋千随风摆动 旋转木马天放烟火 我不要superman or spiderman 我不要batman 不要flashman 你是我的是我的angel man 我很幸福唱歌庆祝 你就是我的an

大嘴巴 You Are My Angel歌词

07/24 08:11
大嘴巴 - You Are My Angel 电话里的我 是不是很拙 安慰你的话 不知该怎麽说 他在你的心 画了一道伤口 拨开乌云朵 飞来我的天空 软弱的双手 换我来紧握 听你的要求 呵护你的感受 安抚你的心 缝合你的伤口 有我来倾听 送你我的耳朵 you are my angel 飞到我左右 在你的宇宙 每颗星都是我 you are my angel 陪伴我左右 就算海着火 陆地都沉没 爱你到最後 you are my angel 飞到我左右 在你的宇宙 每颗星都是我 you are my a

范晓萱 Bartender Angel歌词

01/14 09:09
颓废 闷 灰暗 我的舞台 Shaking wine 后现代浪漫 赶走遗憾 Shaking here shaking there 火热辣辣Martini Margarita的神秘 怎么enjoy最过瘾 bartender angel告诉你 把苦涩V.S甜蜜 渴望 笑 眼神 酒精作怪 Sexy night 背对着伤心 今天不是 lonely night Shaking wine Just for lady Gintonic Taquila 讓你熱情 怎么enjoy最过瘾 bartender ange

Tommy Shane Steiner What If She's an Angel歌词

06/30 17:46
what if she's an angel 假如她是个天使 Tommy Shane Steiner waters(虾米id) 译 there's a man standin' on the corner 有个男人 站在街角 with a sign sayin' will work for food 身上挂的牌子说愿为面包而工作 you know the man 你认得他 you see him every mornin' 你每天早上都见到 the one you never give your

Lisa Lavie Find Me an Angel歌词

05/31 12:08
Countless nights I was alone inside my mind Fearful I'd cry And every night I try to find an angel Wishing and praying that you would come and find me Angel Tearful _________? _____ raindrops from my eyes Constantly searching for Can anyone tell me w

Ashley Parker Angel Let U Go歌词

07/14 12:57
Let you go 演唱:Ashley Parker Angel 专辑:Soundtrack to your life Broken promises But you don't really mind It's not the first time And you know it, don't you know Tell me why it is you only smile inside But when you break me into nothing Don't you know I

All-4-One When I Needed an Angel歌词

11/30 10:52
what can i say, when i can't find the words to possibly explain what i'm feeling inside i tried to believe, my whole kept faith everyday that passed me by and then you came in my life and now i am living proof of what the gift of pure love can do whe

Soundtrack Angel Of The Morning歌词

07/16 09:35
There'll be no strings to bind your hands not if my love can't bind your heart. And there's no need to take a stand for it was I who chose to start. I see no need to take me home, I'm old enough to face the dawn. Just call me angel of the morning ang

周杰伦 Angel歌词

12/30 12:33
Composed and arranged: Terdsak Janpan Mixed by: Toysakie Recording and mixing studio: Cine Digital Sound Studio, Thailand String session from Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Nylon Guitar by: Pongpat Pongpradit ISRC TW-A47-07-130-20 OP: Cine Digital Sound

艾青 My Angel歌词

12/12 04:56
My angel别再低着头 说你不能忘记你和他的so and so My angel 日子不好过 别把过去当成面包使自己发臭 My angel, you are beautiful 未来的事变数必定还有很多种 My angel, you are beautiful 你说你最近不好 我看你真的很糟 泛红眼眶说着心中的烦恼 太阳在对你微笑 你却说天气不好 头上乌云多到挡住你的笑 该怎么对你说 才能让你真的搞懂 that you are- My angel 试着抬起头 不要再去看那无法改变的过错 My

徐熙娣 You Are My Angel歌词

11/17 07:03
徐熙娣 You Are My Angel YOURE ARE MY ANGEL YOURE ARE MY ANGEL YOURE ARE MY ANGEL YOURE ARE MY ANGEL 我从来没见过你 可是却那么爱你 我从来没听过你声音 可是却那么爱你 我从来没抱过你 可是却那么爱你 我都还不认识你 可是却那么爱你 YOU ARE MY ANGEL YOU ARE MY ANGEL YOU ARE MY ANGEL YOU ARE MY ANGEL 我们好象很亲密 却又不是那么熟悉 我们

Ella Fitzgerald Angel Eyes歌词

09/29 18:01
Ella Fitzgerald - Angel Eyes (The Intimate Ella) Try to think that love's not around But it's uncomfortably near My old heart ain't gaining no ground Because my angel eyes ain't here Angel eyes, that old Devil sent They glow unbearably bright Need I

Various Artists My Special Angel歌词

07/15 12:48
My Special Angel 专属天使 (本歌词由羽毛翻译,与网上流行的版本略有不同, 不当之处,欢迎大家指正O(∩_∩)O) (Angel, angel, whoa-oh-oh-oh, whoa)天使,天使,喔,喔,喔,喔 (Angel, angel, whoa-oh-oh-oh, whoa)天使,天使,喔,喔,喔,喔 You are my special angel你是我的专属天使 Sent from up above 是上天的恩赐 The Lord smiled down on me

Various Artists Johnny Angel歌词

08/24 03:33
Johnny Angel Johnny Angel Johnny Angel Johnny Angel You're an angel to me Johnny Angel How I love him He's got something that I can't resist But he doesn't even know that I exist Johnny Angel How I want him How I tingle when he passes by Everytime he

Soundtrack Angel Band歌词

07/11 15:43
Angel Band by The Stanley Brothers The latest sun is sinking fast, my race is nearly run My strongest trials now are past, my triumph is begun O come Angel Band, come & around me stand O bear me away on your snowy wings to my immortal home O bear me

Various Artists Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)歌词

02/10 12:22
Earth Angel - The Penguins Earth angel, earth angel Will you be mine My darling dear Love you all the time I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you. <3 Earth angel, earth angel The one I adore Love you forever And ever more I'm just a fool, a fool in

阿桑 Angel歌词

05/11 13:15
Spend all your time waiting - 耗尽你全部精力孤苦寻觅 For that second chance - 只为了一次天使重现的机遇 For a break that would make it okay - 静静的等待突破 There's always some reason - 但为什么总有一些原因 To feel not good enough - 要让我再次感受遗憾 And it's hard at the end of the day - 临近午夜总是那么悲凉