theory of a deadman的hurricane的歌词

Theory of a Deadman All or Nothing歌词

07/29 11:07
When I first saw you standing there You know it was a little hard not to stare So nervous when I drove you home I know being apart is a little hard to bare. Send some flowers to your work in hopes That I'd have you in my arms again We kissed that nig

Theory of a Deadman By the Way歌词

08/01 21:38
A note by the door Simply explains It's all that remains It's no wonder why I have not slept in days The dust on the floor Piled up from the years All those scars and souvenirs Now that you're gone It's easy to see But so hard to believe By the way Y

Theory of a Deadman Hate My Life歌词

12/03 12:39
So sick of the hobos Always beggin' for change I don't like how I gotta work And they just sit around and get paid I hate all of the people Who can't drive their cars Bitch you better get out of the way Before I, start falling apart I hate how my wif

Theory of a Deadman In the Middle歌词

03/07 03:33
----------------------------------------------------- By Theory Of A Deadman "In the middle" ----------------------------------------------------- What would you do if we woke up and the whole world was gone?....... Well, would you believe with

Theory of a Deadman Wait for Me歌词

08/17 08:47
You are not alone tonight Imagine me there by your side It's so hard to be here so far away from you I'm counting the days till I'm finally done I'm counting them down, yeah, one by one It feels like forever till I return to you But it helps me on th

Theory of a Deadman Bitch Came Back歌词

02/01 21:08
The bitch came back the very next day Oh, the bitch came back thought she was a goner But, the bitch came back she couldn't stay away Don't you know the bitch came back? I like her so much better when she's down on her knees 'Cause when she's in my f

Theory of a Deadman Hurricane歌词

03/02 09:10
I should've known these walls would cave in I should've never left my heart there on the line 'Cause when the shit hit the fan All we ever had ended up lost in the fire And now nothing's saved, nothing's gained Was it all in vain? 'Cause I'm standing

Theory of a Deadman Bad Girlfriend歌词

12/26 12:51
My girlfriends a dick magnet My girlfriends gotta have it She's hot, cant stop, up on stage doing shots Tip the man he'll right the bell, get her drunk she'll scream like hell Dirty girl, gettin' down, dance with guys from outta town Grab her ass, ac

Theory of a Deadman Santa Monica歌词

11/01 08:43
She fills my bed with gasoline You think I wouldn't notice Her mind's made up Her love is gone I think someone's trying to show us a sign That even if we thought it would last The moment would pass My bones will break and my heart would give And I re

Theory of a Deadman End of the Summer歌词

07/27 20:38
Theory of a Deadman - End Of The Summer Here we are at the end say goodbye to all your friends here we go waching the sun go round sitting on a roodtop making time stop i never want to come back down never want to come down It's the end of the summer

Theory of a Deadman Does It Really Matter歌词

08/05 11:30
They don't seem to know your name Does it really matter? They don't even she'd a tear, for you They didn't seem to waste no time To feel or like you They don't give a second thought, to you Oh, things have gotta change I'm sorry that I never said How

Theory of a Deadman Not Meant to Be歌词

04/02 09:29
Theory of a Deadman - Not Meant To Be It's never enough to say I'm sorry It's never enough to say I care But I'm caught between what you wanted from me And knowing that if I give that to you I might just disappear Nobody wins when everyone's losing I

Theory of a Deadman Heaven (Little by Little)歌词

02/24 20:09
Theory of a Deadman - Heaven (Little By Little) Now don't you be afraid We can always talk about No need to medicate cuz I know you're strong without it You got me through the days When I thought I couldn't face it Let me count the ways The love we h

Theory of a Deadman Out Of My Head (Acoustic)歌词

10/02 14:14
I-I-ah-I-I can't get you out of my head God knows I've tried But I just can't forget Those crazy nights and All the things that we did I-ah-I-I can't get you out of my head Oh Oh Maybe it was the way you talked Maybe it was the way you laughed I don'

Theory of a Deadman Out of My Head歌词

11/03 22:55
Out of My Head-Theory of a Deadman I can't get you out of my head God knows I've tried But I just can't forget Those crazy nights And all the things that we did I can't get you out of my head Maybe it was the way you talked Maybe it was the way you l

Theory of a Deadman The One歌词

08/08 16:39
By Matthew1018 When you come around I don't really know what to say My mind is racing with thoughts that I can't erase Like if we have had a house to call our own if we had a little girl would she have your nose this voice inside won't leave me alone

Theory of a Deadman Lowlife歌词

11/14 19:20
THEORY OF A DEADMAN - Lowlife You know I'll be the one who gets fallin' down drunk At my neighbour kid's soccer game I've got an '82 Fierro with a car seat in the middle Broken down on the Interstate I've got a beer-stained t-shirt looking like... So

Theory of a Deadman Drag Me To Hell歌词

08/24 09:32
Remember those good times we had I thought you were my friend What I felt to be a dream just a nightmare in the end I trusted you, you trusted me Nothing could go wrong Until I finally figured out You were evil all along What I'd give to see you gone

Theory of a Deadman Easy To Love You歌词

04/06 20:44
I remember all the summer days drinking wine in the Sunshine I hope it never leaves And I remember all the summer nights staring at you in the moonlight I hope you never leave 'cause baby you're so good to me You have all that all that I ever need. I

Theory of a Deadman Say Goodbye歌词

02/02 16:01
She said "Don't leave this up to me to say That I don't love you anyway And just leave it up to me to say goodbye." 'Cause these good times will never last Keep a hand on the wheel And a foot on the gas We thought it'd last forever I wish you'd