Miss you coldrain

coldrain Final destination歌词

08/21 19:47
「Final destination」 作詞∶Masato 作曲∶Masato/Y.K.C 歌手∶coldrain I, I used to fear Am I falling back or moving forward But now when I come to a crossroad I hear this voice in my head Scream these words once again I can't look back, not anymore I've given up

coldrain THE FUTURE歌词

12/07 10:43
seven years ago I was just a young lost soul with no place to go at all now I'm on the road with schedules of sold out shows but I still want more who could have ever known the future is here inside my hands as I travel the unknown the risks our high

coldrain Miss you歌词

11/17 13:31
I'm lying here on a bed my eyes are closed but I'm awake I wish the dream would never end you'd still be next to me I thought this would be easier I'd do my thing and this would work But now I'm here trying to find a song to make this emptiness disap

coldrain The youth歌词

12/07 08:03
We are the youth we are the knights We'll fight until we crash and bum in a thousand pieces Put us all in line with a smile upon our faces "Wear a shirt and tie and your future will be certified" Wake up! The boy inside you cries Wake up! The gi

coldrain Rescue Me歌词

11/24 21:47
Rescue Me I've been down this road before I think I've seen your face as well You weren't a friend as I recall More like a friendly enemy And every time you come around It means I've lost myself somehow Why did I let it come to this? When I know that

coldrain Carry On歌词

11/04 13:35
the colors fade away and everything turns black white tonight I thought you'd always stay somehow on the right side of the line I was wrong when the days turn into weeks you'll be thinking about the mistakes you've made nothing here will ever be the

coldrain Deja vu歌词

12/06 22:31
She walks across the crowdy street He stops to light a cigarette She looks at him as she walks by He lifts his head a second late He turns around but it's too late She's joined another crowd by then Somehow he's felt this way before There's something

coldrain 8AM 歌词

10/26 18:26
「8AM」 作詞:Masato 作曲:Y.K.C/Masato 歌手:coldrain Sunlight I can't remember why We stayed up until 4AM We talked about Nothing important and then made love The birds wake up we close our eyes I love how she calls my name Inside her dream Kiss's me still ha

coldrain The War is On歌词

07/03 05:01
Lie after lie The truth is abused by the wise Blinded by pride, losing all sight We never question all the answers Can't you see it's time to draw the line Before all that's left is nothing but demise Open your eyes We can't breathe we can't bleed Su

coldrain Behind The Curtain歌词

11/13 17:37
You live your life preying the sheep That do as they're told and stay in line Your hands stay clean from the blood That's shed by your morbid empire The wall of lies you hide behind Won't last forever Show yourself We know it's you behind the curtain

coldrain Time to go 歌词

11/07 18:57
「Time to go」 作詞∶Masato 作曲∶Sugi/Masato 歌手∶coldrain He says he's had enough She says she's had it even more I think we've waited for too long It's time to go If you think you've had enough Then it's time to let it out The clock keeps ticking I'm sick &

coldrain Given Up On You歌词

11/25 08:16
It's all over, over I've just given up, given up, given up on you I'm not waisting my time with you in my life give me a reason, I should ever listen to you when all think about is twisting the truth give me a reason, you can act so damn innocent whe

coldrain Next To You歌词

12/18 10:26
We're hanging by a thread with nothing left to say If there is an answer I guess will never know Tell me honestly can we find our way Because l can't feel the distance tearing us apart Now we're losing everything we had Why,when your close to me Do y

coldrain PERSONA歌词

12/04 22:52
Persona 作詞:Masato 作曲:Masato trapped in a place with no sunlight I wish I could save you can't tell between fact or fiction persona your eyes only see what you believe If not press delete you write what you dare not ever speak persona you may believe

coldrain Fiction (Album Ver.)歌词

12/16 19:38
[ti:Fiction] [ar:coldrain] [al:Final destination] [00:25.44] [02:03.59] [03:17.57] [00:01.44]��iction�� [00:06.44]浣����asato [00:11.44]浣����.K.C/Masato [00:16.44]姝��coldrain [00:27.44]She'd do just anything [00:32.61]To get what she desires [00:36.33

coldrain After dark歌词

08/08 11:02
When the sun goes down I'll meet you half Don't worry about tickets I know a back way When the party starts to roll we'll sneak out to the flour We can't waist another song come take my hand now Dance with me just dance with me tonight Let the sound

coldrain Survive歌词

01/08 22:14
[ti:Survive] [ar:coldrain] [al:Final destination] [by:赖润诚] [offset:500] [00:00.00]The sky has turned to gray [00:02.36]As he stands up in front of them [00:04.23]He is all they know [00:05.92]The one who holds the power [00:08.14]He says he'll give t

coldrain You Lie歌词

11/24 12:49
coldrain YOU LIE 作詞:Masato 作曲:Y.K.C・Masato you've played these games for so long you should know by now you're going too far the things you say and do you blame on faith and love just tell me how do you sleep at night you lie you lie so much that you

coldrain To Be Alive歌词

10/29 03:07
A dead silence surrounds me Why am I hesitating again? My heart is full of these words Drowning inside But I can't let them out So I look into this mirror Hope to find something inside Hope to find something inside It's me against myself this time Me

coldrain Confession歌词

03/26 05:37
It's taken so much time to say these things to you And I hope its not too late We're running out of time and I'm running out of lines But I've still been trying to hide Every night I close my eyes and think about the rest of my life You are all that