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Jessica Mauboy Time After Time歌词

12/18 00:12
See sometimes you picture me, I'm walking too far ahead, You're calling to me, I can't hear What you've said, Then you say go slow, I fall behind, The second hand unwinds, If you're lost you can look and you will find me, Time after time, If you fall

Jessica Mauboy Used2b歌词

10/03 04:06
(Verse 1) I know it's been a little tough lately, You've been looking kind of worried lately, Like you don't know what's going on with us, You get lost and then I get sadder, we forget about the things that matter, We should have a little faith in us

Jessica Mauboy Been Waiting歌词

04/22 23:45
We've been friends for so long, I can't deny, These feelings are so strong I keep hot inside, Wanna tell you but I can't find the words to say, So afraid if I do things will never be the same, I gotta work it out, times really running out, Don't know

Jessica Mauboy What Happened to Us歌词

05/07 07:47
Jessica Mauboy - What Happened To Us I feel you even though we're apart And without you theres a hole in my heart Ohh baby baby, though I tried I just cant adjust Ohh boy what happened to us, happened to us, happened to us We were in love we both fel

Jessica Mauboy Back2u歌词

06/04 22:40
Jessica Mauboy - Back2U I owe you $20 baby you were right I guess i should have thought it through before I swear that all I've done since i got off the flight, Is missed you much and then missed you some more Unpacked my bags, put on some tunes But

Jessica Mauboy Because歌词

08/08 13:21
It's all because ... yeah I waited for so long, you showed me you were the one I gave you my heart, right from the very start so Every time you lied, I knew inside Get another chance I was hurting, I was broken I stayed too long and so that's why You

Jessica Mauboy Up/Down歌词

01/27 11:19
Up/down up/down (let it go!) Can't beat me, you can't stop me, take it, copy, my recipe down let it go the dance floor it knows me radio ready got this on cd on repeat you know you need me i'm in ya speaker the rhythm got bodies talking you know you

Jessica Mauboy Forget Your Name (Bonus Track)歌词

12/12 12:29
[ti:Forget Your Name] [ar:Jessica Mauboy] [al:Get Em Girls (Deluxe Edition)] [by:] [offset:0] [00:18.19]Funny when you had me you didn't do a thing [00:22.32]But now that it's over you're calling out my name [00:26.44]Show up uninvited to each and ev

Jessica Mauboy In Love Again歌词

11/30 03:20
(Verse 1) A single rose, the card he chose the fact that I can't get it off my mind I'm feeling weak, I try to breathe, But something inside that I can't define is all a sign that I've crossed the line, (Chorus) As I lose control, to this precious pl

Jessica Mauboy Running Back歌词

07/23 07:25
Jessica Mauboy - Running Back (Lyrics by Kongcen@sogua欧美前线) These days you barely even say my name Like you don't really feel the same I'm wondering what's to blame These nights I fall asleep wondering where you are It feels like we're falling apart

Jessica Mauboy Never Be the Same歌词

05/01 10:03
Let me tell you about a girl that I used to be, Same name same face but a different me, She didn't know what she was thinking, Didn't know her world was sinking, Had her dreams written on a paper in her hand, Held on tight but she didn't understand,

Jessica Mauboy Saturday Night歌词

07/09 12:00
Jessica Mauboy - Saturday Night (feat. Ludacris) and you know who luda! i got my cup filled up all the way to the brim, brim, brim, brim black on black cadillac with the custom trim, trim, trim, trim smoke fillin' up my lungs and i'm blowin' blubble,

Jessica Mauboy No One Likes You歌词

10/24 08:07
Got used to being alone that I hid the pain of a broken heart That love thing I tried it over and over 'til I got tired And I never wanted to keep a smile up, can't deny it was fake to cover up All of the pain I felt inside but you came in and made e

Jessica Mauboy Chinese Whispers歌词

07/28 16:30
[ti:Chinese Whispers] [ar:Jessica Mauboy] [al:Been Waiting] [00:01.49]Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Whoo, [00:09.27] [00:09.68]Looking back to the third grade, [00:12.04]Nothing has changed, [00:12.83]Sitting in the room, [00:13.57]In a small circle

Jessica Mauboy Up/Down / Been Waiting (Acoustic)歌词

10/23 14:58
[ti:up down] [ar:Jessica Mauboy] [al:206288] [offset:0] [00:02.27]up it's jessi down cant be me [00:04.27]can't stop me can't copy [00:05.38]my recipe let it go [00:07.75]the dance floor it [00:09.55]knows me radio ready [00:10.47]got this on cd on r

Jessica Mauboy Let Me Be Me歌词

10/02 08:42
Jessica Mauboy - Let Me Be Me i'm a grown up woman but a girl again it's been like this since i can remember when your questioning and answering you're always talking to me like i can't relate when all i want to do is to communicate you were meant to

Jessica Mauboy Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)歌词

08/06 09:44
Day and night, day and night You're on my mind, on my mind It's only you and I, you and I Just you and me, yeah Got me drunk on your love So where's the after party, Cause I'm just getting started (Hey, hey, hey) Keep on pouring it up And don't you e

Jessica Mauboy Sea of Flags歌词

05/08 15:10
All of the colours here connecting Into the wild we go hand in hand Making our way on a million journeys Searching our hearts for a pot of gold Dancing through an ancient dreaming A carnival of light reflecting A world together in a higher love A sea

Jessica Mauboy Because (Radio Edit)歌词

08/11 01:29
Because-Jessica Mauboy It's all because ... yeah 这是因为... I waited for so long, you showed me you were the one 我等了这么久,你告诉我你是唯一 I gave you my heart, right from the very start so 我给你我的心,从一开始就是这样 Every time you lied, I knew inside 每当你撒谎,我都能认清 Get another

Jessica Mauboy Scariest Part歌词

03/29 08:44
[ti:Scariest Part] [ar:Jessica Mauboy] [al:] [00:00.00]Jessica Mauboy - Scariest Part [00:02.50] [00:24.45]I'm walking down the road, I start to see the ghost [00:30.34]Of everything we had the good the bad the now the past is over [00:36.22]Like a d