Adam Green Emily歌词

10/21 03:27
I just don't care about the evening news, I never listen to the crack house blues, They say the city is a place to be, I want to dance with Emily. Everybody come around the window shop, I guess they've never seen the moves I got, I want to be with wh

Adam Green He's the Brat歌词

08/14 05:57
He's the brat with the sterilized pitchfork. He's the singer of the Beachwood Sparks . who wants to show me where the healing starts. Beauty is evil Immaculate evil, don't you think? But I'm lost in the flames of a grand explosion, sumbling in the ne

Adam Green Country Road歌词

08/03 15:07
back in the summer of '91 an angel with a lizard's tongue was scheming for a holy broken nose linked to every class of men sprung out from the sparkling sins leaning on the cold electric stove on a country road i swerved to the side trying to avoid a

Adam Green Who's Your Boyfriend歌词

05/26 03:57
Who's your boyfriend on this coast? I bet your boyfriend hates you most I joke around but I don't look down Because you could break my heart Only you could break my heart Only you could win my dreams back From the man who writes prescriptions on post

Adam Green Bible Club歌词

02/06 10:22
she's my baby, she's my love pixie queen of bible club seen her round the fountain, sipping cokes crafting brand new polish jokes and i can't expalin, why my accent changed i guess there's still some hope to score some dope she needs to be changed in