Friends of Mine

Adam Green Frozen in Time歌词

12/13 13:58
frozen in time forever carrying that torch for so long can you hear my heart believing frozen in the index of time they singled out my tounge in front of everyone who was watching my show they say that i'm no good i'm sorry that i could be that way t

Adam Green Friends of Mine歌词

12/01 06:32
for the song? I got bored.... and we live on borrowed time, but this headshot's pretty good. i've been scheming for too long, i was starstruck by your mom. we fall in love by accident, a heavenly coincidence. no matter what you think is true. let me

Adam Green We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers歌词

10/29 12:50
We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers lrc by not2late picture a place that's far from danger. a nicer place to cash your chips. i'm not the one holding you hostage. squeezed inbetween my lips. we're not supposed to be lovers. or friends, like they'd have u

Adam Green I Wanna Die歌词

09/06 03:31
i wanna choose to die, and be buried with a rubik cube. and sleep inside the big blue buildings, while the sweet disease drives through. there's a bakery in the night sky. i wanna die because the government lied. she was a man with herpes, floating i

Adam Green Hard to Be a Girl歌词

06/11 17:06
Hard to be a girl So nice to be a boy. In my room at night Not a pretty site. Here's an empty kiss Marching to the rhythm of the pay roll. I can be a good boy too, Just let me out of the stable. Sausages and eggs, and hot and sour soup. Thank me for

Adam Green Jessica歌词

01/31 05:01
Jessica Jessica Simpson, where has your love gone It's not in your music, no You need a vacation to wake up the cavemen And take them to Mexico Jessica, Jessica Simpson You've got it all wrong Your fraudulent smile The way that you faked it The day t