Dim Nova

Dim Nova Dumb Cleaner歌词

12/20 10:00
Isolation never changes. I've been defeated by default all again. What a shame. Something so bright gets me back to something so grey. Can't find the word to say. Can't find the room to stay. Just from here~ Can't find the word to say. Can't find the

Dim Nova I'm Going歌词

12/04 09:17
I'm Going - 黯淡的新星 那天早晨镇上天气有点凉爽 却没有足够的时间来抵抗 生活本来就是一个制造工厂 把空白大脑全部装入集装箱 希望不会带给你头痛病 去寻找愚蠢的一个代替 开口说 那个魔幻世界必将来临 如果时间允许就进行下去 发现天空最黯淡那颗星 橡皮擦掉你全部记忆 'Cos when everybody 带思绪随梦远行 随梦远行 Don't know what I'm saying but I'm going If you know what I'm singing you'll b

Dim Nova Playbul Nothing歌词

11/20 11:30
Should I be so open to you? When I don't see you need it at all I am still so painfully playful anyway 专辑:Face The Sea 歌手:Dim Nova 歌曲:Playbul Nothing