Adam Green

Adam Green Frozen in Time歌词

12/13 13:58
frozen in time forever carrying that torch for so long can you hear my heart believing frozen in the index of time they singled out my tounge in front of everyone who was watching my show they say that i'm no good i'm sorry that i could be that way t

Adam Green Friends of Mine歌词

12/01 06:32
for the song? I got bored.... and we live on borrowed time, but this headshot's pretty good. i've been scheming for too long, i was starstruck by your mom. we fall in love by accident, a heavenly coincidence. no matter what you think is true. let me

Adam Green We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers歌词

10/29 12:50
We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers lrc by not2late picture a place that's far from danger. a nicer place to cash your chips. i'm not the one holding you hostage. squeezed inbetween my lips. we're not supposed to be lovers. or friends, like they'd have u

Adam Green Emily歌词

10/21 03:27
I just don't care about the evening news, I never listen to the crack house blues, They say the city is a place to be, I want to dance with Emily. Everybody come around the window shop, I guess they've never seen the moves I got, I want to be with wh

Adam Green Bed of Prayer歌词

10/17 02:15
hard to keep me hungry spinning the backsides bare praise be a little daisy who makes my bed of prayer fuss a little on the slave ship she's arriving at the source talk trash about a liar who's day has run it's course don't take it from a mantra dust

Adam Green I Wanna Die歌词

09/06 03:31
i wanna choose to die, and be buried with a rubik cube. and sleep inside the big blue buildings, while the sweet disease drives through. there's a bakery in the night sky. i wanna die because the government lied. she was a man with herpes, floating i

Adam Green He's the Brat歌词

08/14 05:57
He's the brat with the sterilized pitchfork. He's the singer of the Beachwood Sparks . who wants to show me where the healing starts. Beauty is evil Immaculate evil, don't you think? But I'm lost in the flames of a grand explosion, sumbling in the ne

Adam Green Country Road歌词

08/03 15:07
back in the summer of '91 an angel with a lizard's tongue was scheming for a holy broken nose linked to every class of men sprung out from the sparkling sins leaning on the cold electric stove on a country road i swerved to the side trying to avoid a

Adam Green Dance With Me歌词

07/04 08:56
Heart and soul Baby, there's no goal Turn the lights on bright You're a rock and roll star Feel my love Coming from the heavens above When my eyes meet your eyes You know it's true Baby, come dance with me Baby, come dance with me On TV, at the TV st

Adam Green Hard to Be a Girl歌词

06/11 17:06
Hard to be a girl So nice to be a boy. In my room at night Not a pretty site. Here's an empty kiss Marching to the rhythm of the pay roll. I can be a good boy too, Just let me out of the stable. Sausages and eggs, and hot and sour soup. Thank me for

Adam Green Breaking Locks歌词

06/09 20:28
When I checked into that hotel I couldn't keep from making a living hell I took off my jewelry and rented a movie Then I tried to call you 'cause something confused me I went for a walk to find some blood With the blinders eyes on my miserable mug Br

Adam Green Who's Your Boyfriend歌词

05/26 03:57
Who's your boyfriend on this coast? I bet your boyfriend hates you most I joke around but I don't look down Because you could break my heart Only you could break my heart Only you could win my dreams back From the man who writes prescriptions on post

Adam Green Homelife歌词

05/22 13:44
[ti:] Home Life [ar:] Shearwater [al:] ROOK [00:05.27]Shearwater-Home Life [00:11.60] [00:27.29]By Howard Wei [00:42.81] [00:43.19]when you were a child, [00:48.21]you were a tomboy [00:52.63]and your mother laughed at the serious way [00:56.41]that

Adam Green Casanova歌词

04/30 13:49
Forgive my ugliness should I find out Something I don't wanna know about Don't disclude me treat me like a kid Casanova to the mentally ill I don't know why it comes as no surprise Assuming demotion with tears in your eyes I don't want the wrong pers

Adam Green Twee Twee Dee歌词

04/20 07:37
Mismatching underwear I'm gonna take you there to see my body Twee twee dee One never gets a break I'm not about to make you enjoy them Twee twee dee I want you to hear my voice I want you to make me laugh Oh Ballistic on the world You're running up

Adam Green Tropical Island歌词

03/30 06:20
Tropical Island, Ohhhh Tropical island Ohhhh Feel the sea breeze waiting to lay you down just like a diamond Ohhhh Courageous peufis by design Blankets filled with iodine Lover come again just fine meet us in one day Ring ding battering ram Full disc

Adam Green Bible Club歌词

02/06 10:22
she's my baby, she's my love pixie queen of bible club seen her round the fountain, sipping cokes crafting brand new polish jokes and i can't expalin, why my accent changed i guess there's still some hope to score some dope she needs to be changed in

Adam Green Be My Man歌词

02/06 02:02
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.49]歌名:Be My Men [00:02.14]歌手:Adam Green [00:02.66] [00:04.65]New York city space ship [00:06.37]On a Moonlight mass [00:08.97]Tall black coffee everything is outclassed [00:13.12]The benchwarming brother just kills for a gas

Adam Green Cigarette Burns Forever歌词

02/01 08:56
Cigarette Burns Forever lrc by not2late Cigarette burns forever The message is spliced together Now I would never let her But where did people go to get her You took me to the private party And swore that they would not cart me Drive careful less the

Adam Green Jessica歌词

01/31 05:01
Jessica Jessica Simpson, where has your love gone It's not in your music, no You need a vacation to wake up the cavemen And take them to Mexico Jessica, Jessica Simpson You've got it all wrong Your fraudulent smile The way that you faked it The day t