world's end girlfriend wandering歌词

[ar:world's end girlfriend]
[co:World`s end girlfriend]

  • 专辑:Hurtbreak Wonderland
  • 歌手:world's end girlfriend
  • 歌曲:wandering

world's end girlfriend wandering歌词


My Little Airport You Don't Wanna Be My Girlfriend Phoebe歌词

12/27 10:26
You don't wanna be my girlfriend, Phoebe. You just wanna show your beauty. Oh my Phoebe, can you see that I'm crying? All the boys think that you are the best. All the eyes are just looking at your breast. Oh my Phoebe, you just wanna show your beaut

Michou Still Wandering歌词

02/18 21:00
I was unaware that you talked to God about me. The more I think about that, the more I think it's what I need... So, I'll say something charming, but the language can't charm you So I'll stay here sitting on my hands. With so much rubbing together, I

world's end girlfriend Storytelling歌词

09/29 18:08
[ti:Storytelling] [ar:world's end girlfriend;湯川潮音] [00:00]纯音乐曲目,敬请欣赏 专辑:Starry Starry Night Soundtrack 歌手:world's end girlfriend 歌曲:Storytelling

Morrissey Driving Your Girlfriend Home歌词

03/18 02:56
I'm driving Your girlfriend home And she's saying How she never chose you "Turn left", she says I turn left And she says "So how did I end up So deeply involved in The very existence I planned on avoiding?" And I can't answer I'm drivi

Paige Aufhammer Wandering歌词

07/27 05:32
I've seen these streets before, So many streets I've tread my feet with armor That I've locked and bound My burden's heavy in my soul And wounded in majestic beauty Heavy on the ground And there's an awful lot of noise out here Where sound becomes an

Reel Big Fish She Has A Girlfriend Now歌词

01/03 03:42
She has a girlfriend now She has a girlfriend now She has a girlfriend now she said "guys don't do no more for me" "you never loved me like I wanted you to" "I loved you baby what do you want me to do?" She said she found som

Reel Big Fish I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too歌词

06/19 02:51
There's a little girl I know You might know her too, she looks so good She looks so cute, standin' next to you And I don't know what to do I want your girlfriend to be my... I want your girlfriend to be my... I want your girlfriend to be my girlfrien

Hungry Lucy Wandering歌词

07/25 16:24
Wandering - Hungry Lucy You always said you'd rescue me someday Did you forget or did you just not care I was afraid to run away alone Now I can see you'd only make things worse It's only me I'm wandering I'm on my own now I have to leave I have to k

*NSYNC Girlfriend (Remix)歌词

02/24 14:41
Would you be my girlfriend? Uh, would you be my girl? Would you be my Would you be my girlfriend? Would you be my Would you be my girlfriend? (Check it, check it, check it) He don't want you like I want you, believe me, boo, I done told you He don't