Bert Jansch The Black Swan歌词

Traveling on space highway,
Three long years to this day.
A billion million trillion miles.
Home is a long, long way away.

From bow to stern she's 20 miles long,
Ten miles high and wide.
A beautiful swan in a silent sea,
No water to slow her down.

Sometimes it seems we're motionless,
Caught between time and space.
Other tiny star systems rush headlong by.
Signs are bursting in the rain.

No earthly sound can penetrate,
This black and endless void.
Only thoughts and dreams,
Of the unborn babes,
Where your body and fill your mind.

Every day down those quiet canyons,
Like a love that's for the stars.
And people that shop at the market place,
And the ship loads ever, ever on.

If ever we come to our promised land,
Gotta take the shuttle
For the black swan never ever wants to rest
Never stops to say goodbye.

  • 专辑:The Black Swan
  • 歌手:Bert Jansch
  • 歌曲:The Black Swan

Bert Jansch The Black Swan歌词


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