Soundtrack What Would U Do?歌词

[Intro: Dat Nigga Daz]
Yeahhh, back up in yo ass with a twenty sack
Don't wanna fuck with me
Dogg Pound Gangstas
We do it like that
Motherfuckers out there be like, takin our styles
Be trying to do they own little dissing
But they can't do it, you know
So we gonna, do it like this
Sit back relax and get a cool one

Have you ever heard of a slaughter, I oughta start dippin
Sippin on that S-T get's me to trippin
I don't slips I bangs
With that mad ass Dogg Pound Gang it's a DPG thang
Kurupt from the S.C
You wanna test me let's see if you'll survive .45 times
Like a hollow point headed for your dome
Take a couple of steps, turn around and it's on
Couldn't withstand the murderous mental
I subdue, and then take two to your temple
When I cause holocoust from what's spittin
Niggas collapse and when the straps is clickin
Look, this is how it's done nigga, one two three
I grab my strap you best run nigga
I gives a fuck, Kurupt's the kingpin of the click
Littlest G, with the biggest dick

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Shit, a motherfucker better recognize
With a twist of my wrist like O.J. you all die
I snack on motherfuckers like a bone
Known to be the shit upon the microphone ever since I was born
Not to ever love a bitch
Learned game after game, that's why we are the best
Motherfuckers be gankin styles minute after minute
But soon as you did it I smelled the niggas shitted

[Hook: Daz, Snoop Dogg and Jewell]
Now what would you do
If you could fuck with me and my crew
But you can't so don't even think about
Steppin in the motherfuckin house

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Bitches butterfly all day, while I steady make my pay
Every single day in the LBC
Cruising through the Eastside, me and Lil' Style
When I back up a green six-fo' busting freestyles

[Kurupt the Kingpin]
There's no escape, give me the papes and the tape case
How much money can a nigga make in one place
The review, ain't shit new
You stupid motherfuckers can't fuck with my crew

[Dat Nigga Daz]
I see all these niggas trying to get with my kin folk
Get so many busters on the West Coast
And then to say the least
I see a few trick ass niggas layin low on the East Coast
And the question is asked
Do you wanna rap, scrap or blast to that nigga Daz
I'll be the first one to him em
Oh yeah, fuck B.G. Knocc Out and every nigga down with him
Cause I'm a Natural Born Killer
In a Steeler hat motherfucker cuz it's like that


[Kurupt the Kingpin]
There's so many motherfuckers that I can include
Whose quick to blast motherfuckers in a feud
It doesn't make a difference, cuz it's about
Who's the quickest on the draw to end all existence
For instance, let's take these Ruthless fools
These Ruthless fools and the Pound in one room
Assume, it's only for conversation, so let's
Conversate slip a nigga the .38 then dip
Empty out the clip
Mind on stead-trip, cuz niggas talk shit

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Now if, a nigga had a prayer before a nigga died
Would the nigga be dead or would he stay alive
And if I was in your shoes, would I survive
Probably not, you'd probably let your Glock go pop
Now drop, to your knees
And picture Dat Nigga Daz flowing in the breeze


[Outro: Big Pimpin' Delemond, Jewell]
From the twitch of the eyes
You can see the line, just know it when you see it
Cause it messes up the flow, to the real fillings y'know
And I'd rather be sipping on a glass of wine
Can you feel yourself in the room with Everlast
Trying to steal a flow, I don't think so
Cock-blockers come with their hearts beating jealousy
Then away like a stray dog
Tryin to claim every bitch as his own
Cock-blockers, come in every color
Even blue, now this is true
Trying to fuck your woman, and even you
Now what the fuck would you do, motherfucker

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  • 歌曲:What Would U Do?

Soundtrack What Would U Do?歌词


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