Soundtrack Smiles All Round歌词

So where do I begin, I woke up today
and dragged this broken suitcase through the rain
I've been, searching for the inspiration I lost along the way.
And you said before I left, "James dont you drink yourself to death", well my darling I'm afraid I cant keep that promise or even try my best.

While you sleep alone tonight
I'll be up 'til the morning light
so for now things will be alright

Now the place that felt like home for these past 7 months is nothing but a number on a door in a street that felt familiar once.
I've got this great ability to ruin everything that's good for me and I swear I won't be satisfied until everything goes wrong.

While you sleep alone tonight
I'll be up 'til the morning light
so for now things will be alright
I know soon there will be a day
when these glazed eyes will fade away
Because the truth is I'm not okay

I will start again, I will retrace every step.

  • 专辑:Colin Mcrae: Dirt 3 (Unofficial Soundtrack)
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:Smiles All Round

Soundtrack Smiles All Round歌词


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