Keri Noble Honey歌词


I remember the day
With the sun shining on your face
It was like the sky opened wide
To wash our cares away

Into the blue like a balloon
Feeling free and flying high
It was like you and I might float forever
Never say good bye

You looked like honey so sweet
Dancing on my tongue
And I wanted to cry because I loved you so much


You looked like honey so sweet
Dancing on my tongue
And I wanted to cry because I loved you so much

  • 专辑:Let Go
  • 歌手:Keri Noble
  • 歌曲:Honey


Keri Noble Emily歌词

09/24 15:43
Emily - Keri Noble Somebody tell her she can't carry it all It's getting hard to pretend We're not watching her fall Why does she always give more than she's got? She thinks that the world's gonna stop but it's not She's letting everything in Trouble

Keri Noble Falling歌词

08/03 03:04
Falling Keri Noble <Fearless> Standing here outside your door Not sure if you're home Wondering if I'm a fool Maybe I should go Usually I'm fearless But I've become undone A clown without even a disguise Now everyone will know that I've- Fallen-fall

Keri Noble Look at Me歌词

06/09 02:40
Look at me Look into my eyes Tell me, do you see that I am always by your side? Or has the world got you down on your knees? Come to me Look at you Look into your heart Tell me is there room for you to make a brand new start? Or has the world gotten

Keri Noble If No One Will Listen歌词

08/15 16:49
Maybe no one told you there is strength in your tears And so you fight to keep from pouring out But what if you unlock the gate that keeps your secret soul Do you think there's enough that you would drown? If no one will listen if you decide to speak

Brooke Waggoner Heal for the Honey 歌词

07/27 14:56
"Heal for the Honey -- Brooke Waggoner 中英文歌词---(2015-09-08 重译) Points of light 煦日阳光, Shootin' through the tree-stained vines 斑驳绣浊蔓藤旁 It draws me in 私牵芳心 To catch a fistful of wind and chime 凝伫缕风和响 But all day long I heal for the honey 暗遣情殇, Waitin' f

萧亚轩 Honey Honey Honey歌词

06/07 05:24
你在我耳边唱歌 我乖乖听钢琴声 时间仿佛停止了 在这一刻 抱着你 永不放手 看着你眼尾笑纹 眯眯的眼神让我心动了 握着你粗粗的手像个小女人 厚厚的肩膀靠着 躺在你身边不停傻笑着 嘟嘟的嘴角让我好想亲吻 你在我耳边唱歌 我乖乖听钢琴声 时间仿佛停止了 在这一刻 抱着你 永不放手 做我的 Honey Honey Honey 放在你的心里 下半个世纪 我用分分秒秒 好好爱你 喔 Honey Honey Honey 躲进你的怀里 我要我们腻在一起 这样一直甜下去 专辑:1087 歌手:萧亚轩 歌曲:Ho

孙燕姿 Honey Honey歌词

12/04 07:42
期待一个好日子 工作不需我操心 能随便想想东西 wo oh 喝一杯茶也可以 写封信也可以 不做什么也可以 忙碌中又想起你 对我的若即若离 生气了也没痕迹 wo oh 忽然很想拥抱你 吻你措手不及 却只能想想而已 Honey Honey 要对你说声对不起 我总是没时间陪你(没时间陪你) Honey Honey 你是否想亲亲蜜蜜 还是喜欢这段距离 虽然留点空间不见面 反而能够拉近彼此的心 当我需要拥抱的时候 我总希望你在这里 啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦- 继续期待好日子 继续埋首工作里 寄托在下个假期 wo

王啸坤 Hello Honey歌词

03/12 13:39
HELLO HONEY 作词:王啸坤 作曲:王啸坤 演唱:王啸坤 hello honey 我的声音 现在你要不要 我的液体跟随你 像幻觉的草 你说怎样 我就怎样 你若绝望 我就仰望 只要你开口讲 hello honey 我的旅行 你会不会烦恼 空的日记满的心 想对着你撒娇 你说怎样 我就怎样 你若绝望 我就仰望 越是离别 就越想念 越是想念 又要告别 你说你要 我就离你近一点 你说快跑 我努力向左边 除非你啊 流泪 我们的床 现在只剩下你来叠 却无意留下 体味和汗水 欢愉了整夜 好疲惫 都是雨

Keri Hilson Energy歌词

05/14 19:40
Keri Hilson - Energy ? I wish i could rip out a page of my memory Cuz i put to much enegry in him and me Can't wait til i get through this phase Cuz its killing me To bad we can't re-write our own history Such a mystery when hes here with me It's har