Ozzy Osbourne Road to Nowhere歌词

The road to nowhere


I was looking back on my life
And all the things I've done to me
I'm still looking for the answers
I'm still searching for the key

The wreckage of my past keeps haunting me
It just won't leave me alone
I still find it all a mystery
Could it be a dream?

The road tonowhere leads to me

Through all thehappiness and sorrow
I guess I'd do it all again
Live for today and not tomorrow
It's still the road that never ends
如果人生能有再一次 我还会如此过活
活在当下, 而不是明天

The road to nowhere leads to me

Ah ah
The road to nowhere's gonna pass me by
Ah ah
I hope we never have to say goodbye
I never want to live without you

The road to nowhere leads to me

  • 专辑:No More Tears
  • 歌手:Ozzy Osbourne
  • 歌曲:Road to Nowhere

Ozzy Osbourne Road to Nowhere歌词


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