The Ready Set A Little More歌词

(Gotta try to give a little more love)

All eyes, always on me
But you're so, ever so sweet
I know, sweeter than me, I know
Baby, I see that you
Just think about we
While I just think about me, I know
That you're runnin' all day
I know it's a terrible thing
But I've got a plan this time

Girl, I gotta show, wanna let you know
When you're low, you will never be alone
Gotta try to give a little more love
If you wanna roll, I've got another run
Let's go, baby, we could be alone
Gotta try to give a little more love

Blamin' everything on you
When I should be sayin'
I know I don't say "I'm sorry", sorry
So I'll try every time I see you
To tell you just how I need you
Here in my life, I need you
Here at my side, but I've got a plan this time


(Give a little more love)x2

  • 专辑:Feel Good Now
  • 歌手:The Ready Set
  • 歌曲:A Little More

The Ready Set A Little More歌词


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