American Idol Contestant Performances The Boxer歌词

[ti:The Boxer]
[ar:Lee Dewyze]
[00:00.42]Artist : Lee DeWyze
[00:01.72]Title :The Boxer
[00:02.72]by rodgewan
[00:03.88]I am just a poor boy
[00:05.72]though my story's seldom told.
[00:08.19]I have squandered my resistance
[00:11.11]for a pocketful of mumbles,
[00:14.13]such are promises.
[00:17.68]All lies and jest.
[00:19.80]Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
[00:23.19]and disregards the rest.
[00:35.22]When I left my home
[00:36.41]and my family.
[00:38.48]I was no more than a boy.
[00:40.83]In the company of strangers,
[00:43.32]in the quiet of the railway station
[00:46.87]running scared.
[00:50.48]Laying low,
[00:52.10]seeking out the poorer quarters
[00:55.13]where the ragged people go.
[00:58.00]Looking for the places
[00:59.58]only they would know.
[01:20.68]Asking only workman's wages,
[01:23.29]I come looking for a job
[01:26.30]but I get no offers.
[01:29.21]Just a come-on from the whores
[01:31.68]on Seventh Avenue.
[01:36.06]I do declare,
[01:36.99]there were times
[01:38.26]when I was so lonesome
[01:40.50]I took some comfort there.
[01:50.29]Now the years are rolling by me
[01:52.59]They are rockin' easily
[01:55.00]I am older than I once was
[01:58.89]and younger than I'll be
[02:01.09]That's not unusual.
[02:04.69]It isn't strange
[02:06.69]after changes upon changes
[02:09.69]we are more or less the same
[02:13.06]After changes we are more or less the same
[02:35.48]And I'm laying out
[02:37.13]my winter clothes
[02:38.52]and wishing I was gone.
[02:41.00]Going home,
[02:43.85]where the New York City winters
[02:46.88]aren't bleeding me.
[02:50.49]Leading me
[02:55.00]going home.
[03:05.09]In the clearing stands a boxer,
[03:07.92]and a fighter by his trade.
[03:10.99]And he carries the reminders
[03:13.89]of ev'ry glove that laid him down
[03:16.78]or cut him till he cried out.
[03:19.73]In his anger and his shame,
[03:21.78]"I am leaving, I am leaving."
[03:25.16]But the fighter still remains.
[03:27.38]"I am leaving..."
[03:29.36]But the fighter still remains.

  • 专辑:Season 9 Top 7
  • 歌手:American Idol Contestant Performances
  • 歌曲:The Boxer

American Idol Contestant Performances The Boxer歌词


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