Dim Nova Playbul Nothing歌词

Should I be so open to you?
When I don't see you need it at all
I am still so painfully playful anyway

  • 专辑:Face The Sea
  • 歌手:Dim Nova
  • 歌曲:Playbul Nothing

Dim Nova Playbul Nothing歌词


Dim Nova I'm Going歌词

10/26 16:03
I'm Going - 黯淡的新星 那天早晨镇上天气有点凉爽 却没有足够的时间来抵抗 生活本来就是一个制造工厂 把空白大脑全部装入集装箱 希望不会带给你头痛病 去寻找愚蠢的一个代替 开口说 那个魔幻世界必将来临 如果时间允许就进行下去 发现天空最黯淡那颗星 橡皮擦掉你全部记忆 'Cos when everybody 带思绪随梦远行 随梦远行 Don't know what I'm saying but I'm going If you know what I'm singing you'll b

Donna Summer Dim All the Lights歌词

09/09 21:50
CHORUS: Dim all the lights sweet darlin' 'Cause tonight it's all the way Turn up the old Victrola Gonna dance the night away Love just don't come easy No it seldom does When you find the perfect love Let it fill you up REPEAT CHORUS Dim all the light

Heather Nova Beautiful Storm 歌词

03/06 23:14
There is a light that catches my eye in the morning And I see it now There aren't any saints, it dreams like it paints It's a beautiful storm, it comes with no warning at all I walk the line, tripping each time, and I stumble But now that I'm half go

Heather Nova Paper Cup歌词

09/23 01:28
Wishful thinking I might be yours Drifting on every step I'm always drawn to the dark horse Sweet sweet, oh nothing's said And every dream, every, is just a dream after all And everything stands so still when you dance Everything spins so fast And th

Heather Nova Higher Ground歌词

04/20 07:36
Why do I Follow this heart of mine Risk my life Follow it every time? Ride the waves Into the wild beyond To bring you hope That's what im riding on It's what I see inside, I see in your eyes I can pull you from the wreckage I can save your life I ca

Debi Nova Drummer Boy歌词

06/25 04:32
Let's play forget conversation Let's pray c'mon situation Let go from sun down to sun day I see - When the beat drops we go parampapampam All the girls show off their parampapampam All the boys play on your parampapampam Everybody here wanna get them

Debi Nova Corazón Abierto歌词

08/19 18:26
Ah,ah,ah,ah La vida nos separa cada día mas Tu te alejas y yo caigo en espiral Es mi guerra y no consigo declarar la paz Me pesa tanto y tanto pesa este final No queda nada ni siquiera una oración y encerrada en mi habitación solo con una canción y u

Acid House Kings Would You Say Stop? (Bossa Nova Lounge Version)歌词

05/20 09:04
Would You Say Stop? (Bossa Nova Lounge Version) - Acid House Kings Always work, always no I am now and you're long ago Never dream, never stay I'm in colour and you are in grey 'Cause you are away in your other life But I would never ever let you go

Various Artists Farewell To Wendo (Nova's Edit)歌词

08/05 04:09
Bloody Mary I like the things you do, girl It's surreal, the way you feel Cause I'm the guy who's in love with you I am and i won't be home, I'll be back as I go Clarinets, clarinets time's short I haven't pushed you out of my hair yet. Aya anampa It