Yuck Sunrise in Maple Shade歌词


  • 专辑:Glow & Behold
  • 歌手:Yuck
  • 歌曲:Sunrise in Maple Shade

Yuck Sunrise in Maple Shade歌词


the HIATUS Twisted Maple Trees歌词

02/12 11:40
inside my mind i wonder where we'll go you walk two steps ahead of my bare feet dark sky is seen through twisted maple trees i don't know why but i hope you don't look back you are fine i'm wrong it's always on my side i'm dead my fault you can not f

Pajaro Sunrise Song For Evangeline歌词

06/01 20:10
Working class middleman Slips down a hole and who's to blame If soon he's forgotten And dries like the rain. But life always got a big smile For those who fall and are left behind Never remembered, They never surrender, Never die. Don't cry for me ev

Pajaro Sunrise Romeo´s Tune歌词

06/01 13:26
Meet me in the middle of the day Let me hear you say everything's okay Bring me thousand kisses from your room Meet me in the middle of the night Let me hear you say everything's alright Let me smell the moon in your perfume 在阳光盛开的午后,请让我知道你现在一切都好.我想收

The Perishers Come Out of the Shade歌词

10/02 18:33
Come Out Of The Shade 走出阴影 Was it love, or just something that reminded me of, 这是爱吗?或者仅仅只是唤醒我的某种感觉 Something that felt a lot like, but wasn't love 那种感觉即使如此相似,但是却不是爱 Just friends, friends then, until the end 就这样只是朋友,然后,直到最后 You know I still pretend, j

Sunrise Avenue Hollywood Hills歌词

02/08 20:59
No, this is not the time or the place for a broken hearted Cause this is the end of the rainbow Where no one can be too sad No, I don't wanna leave, but I must keep moving ahead Cause my life belongs to the other side Behind the great ocean's waves.

Late Night Alumni Sunrise Comes Too Soon歌词

08/14 16:51
Late Night Alumni - Sunrise Comes Too Soon Sunrise following our goodbyes Following the night like you Disappeared too soon But it stays Hear it in the morning waves Spinning from the night with you Underneath the half moon Close my eyes And you'll s

Cody Simpson Summer Shade歌词

08/07 17:59
Hey nice to meet you What''s your name? I saw you walking up my way girl Or maybe we can spend the day We can lay my jacket out on the sand And do something I''m sorry that my hair''s so wet I''m sorry girl but have we met before It''s not something

The Joy Formidable The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade歌词

03/05 01:45
A glass A view A mirror Which one Distracts Like open windows In the gusts This dream is This dream is This dream is In a telescope now This dream is This dream is Fever In bedtime covers Go unknown This fright It grows And misses Sinks and floats My

Piers Faccini Who Loves the Shade歌词

12/16 16:24
Precious things soon get lost Up on the tracks when two paths cross The lover i had is with another today Tomorrow came when she went away She was a diamond in the vein A crimson flower in the brain I picked my rose for the thorns And hearts get so e