Sinamore Darkness Of Day歌词

I woke from the shades to fear for you
Cold death on icy ground
A touch of faith - Face so pale
All that remains looks so frail

The shadow veil I wear to save your soul
I'm the saviour of new day
Across the waves beyond the sea
I'll take you with me 'till it's all dead

Sleep little child - Dreams aren't able to break your spine
In darkness of day our marks they will never find

The silence rises from it's grave
Fear holds me when the darkness takes the thrown
The hope is guiding our way
Our fragile hearts are dying
Forever they are drowning

Face tomorrow without fate
Through the flames of rage we dive

  • 专辑:A New Day
  • 歌手:Sinamore
  • 歌曲:Darkness Of Day

Sinamore Darkness Of Day歌词


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