Nova Heart Beautiful Boys歌词

You came this far for money

You’ve been standing for an hour or two

Well you know just what they're wanting

And you just what to do

You're a star in the art of waiting

For the people to come over to you

Well you're playing what they're playing

But you know it’s not for real

We might not love the life we’re living

But we can find a way to live

We might know the words they're saying

But we can listen all night, listen all night, listen all night

You came this far for money

You’ve been tired for a very long time

When they're rolling down their windows

And they're calling out your line

Well you know that they call you honey

When you know that you don’t got a name

Well you're doing what you're doing

But you know it’s not for real

  • 专辑:Beautiful Boys
  • 歌手:Nova Heart
  • 歌曲:Beautiful Boys

Nova Heart Beautiful Boys歌词


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