Heather Nova What a Feeling歌词

Nows the time when this will turn to fruit
All the poppies gonna push up through
And I can see the ground below
The places that I know, disappearing
And I can see the winter fade
I don't feel so afraid its clearing
Oh..., what a feeling
Oh...., what a feeling
Oh..........., what a feeling
Life is only half way in our hands
Years have passed while I was making plans
And I could never find the words
I always felt absurd, and always outside
But now I know I shouldn't care
There's a song already there
Waiting inside
Oh..., what a feeling
Oh..., what a feeling
Oh........., what a feeling
And I can feel the crock unwind
The parts of me I tied are running
And all the birds are in my head
The laughter that was dead is coming
Oh..., what a feeling
Oh..., what a feeling
Oh........., what a feeling
The laughter that was dead is coming
Oh........., what a feeling
The laughter that was dead is coming

  • 专辑:Siren
  • 歌手:Heather Nova
  • 歌曲:What a Feeling

Heather Nova What a Feeling歌词


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