Donna Summer Dim All the Lights歌词

Dim all the lights sweet darlin'
'Cause tonight it's all the way
Turn up the old Victrola
Gonna dance the night away

Love just don't come easy
No it seldom does
When you find the perfect love
Let it fill you up


Dim all the lights sweet honey
'Cause tonight it's you and me
No need to worry darlin'
'Cause it's for eternity

Love don't come easy
This you know I understand
I want to be your woman
If you'll be my man
Let yourself go freely and I'll
Show you things that you've dreamed of
Don't think that your dreaming
We've found the perfect love
And I'm like a cup come fill me up


Do what you want
You can use me all up
Take me bottom to top
Don't leave me with one drop

No,no,no do it tonight
You know the moment is right
Turn my brown body wild
Come let's dim all the lights


  • 专辑:Bad Girls
  • 歌手:Donna Summer
  • 歌曲:Dim All the Lights

Donna Summer Dim All the Lights歌词


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