David Archuleta Elevator歌词

David Archuleta - Elevator

Woah oh oh ohhh
I had a dream last night
I didn't know which floor to get off on, heyyyeyy
The doors, they opened on 4 and 5 and 6
And you were gone, all gone
I didn't understand
I didn't wanna know
At least I took a chance
I had to let it go
Elevator goes up
Elevator come down
And you just go with the flow
Until your feet are back on the ground
It's an endless ride
Sometimes it takes you up
Sometimes it tears you down inside
But it's the butterflies
That keep you feeling so alive, so alive
You gotta get back that high
And in my dream last night
The doors they finally shut and I was there, somewhere
Alone in my reality inside an empty box
That's filled with air
But I don't care, noooo
Next time I'll get it right
Next time I'll be okay
I'll have a different dream tonight
Tomorrow's another day
Elevator goes up (elevator goes up)
You'll never know
What you're gonna get
What you don't expect will come and find you
If you laugh or cry
If you run and hide
But it's all right

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  • 专辑:The Other Side of Down
  • 歌手:David Archuleta
  • 歌曲:Elevator

David Archuleta Elevator歌词


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